About Us

Fekrty-Fekrtk is a new Arab platform launched at the beginning of the year 2024.

It provides the Arab user with all the technical services required and popular in the labor market.. It is distinguished from other similar platforms by its competitive prices and product quality with speed and accuracy of implementation.. and serving wide segments of people with innovative ideas. 

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We provide services to freelancers in various fields

The platform covers all technical and service fields in ten main sections that include more than (320 services)... Each service has the data of hundreds of technicians registered and allows the user to choose the best offer from among the offers available on the platform.

The platform provides job and income opportunities for young technicians to earn profits from home... and helps them provide their services and market their work to the Arab public of all segments, regardless of the type of service required.

To service seekers: If you want any technical service, prepare a study, or want scientific or legal advice in your field of work... and if you have an idea or innovation that you want to help implement... the platform directs you directly to thousands of technicians specialized in the required field.

To technicians and professionals: If you have any experience in any technical or professional field, the platform directs you directly to service seekers, project owners, and entrepreneurs.